mulching with cut grass

Asked May 22, 2015, 4:18 PM EDT

1) My cut grass source is going to put weed + feed on his lawn. Should I never use his cut grass again? or wait a period of time?
2) If I put fresh grass clippings as mulch on my garden, would putting cardboard or 4 layers of black ink newspaper between this grass + soil prevent the grass clippings from taking nutrients, etc. from the soil?

Baltimore County Maryland

1 Response

You do not want to use grass clippings from a lawn that has been treated with a herbicide. You would have to contact the manufacturer of the weed and feed to find out how long you would have to wait before using the clippings for mulch. If you use grass clippings as a mulch in your vegetable garden, it is a good idea to put down newspaper and/ or cardboard over the soil. It is not a bad idea to scatter a bit of extra nitrogen. Grass clippings can be used next to beans, since they are nitrogen fixing. In the fall gather your leaves and your neighbors leaves to use as mulch the following year. vw