My home garden

Asked May 22, 2015, 8:48 AM EDT

Why are my vegetables not producing as they use too? The leafs turn yellow and fall off. Use to have a beautiful vegetable garden.

Eaton County Michigan

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Without knowing your crops and conditions it's hard to say what the problem could be. First off, have the soil tested. This can be done through MSUE at . Certain nutrients may have been depleted from the soil and need to be replenished or perhaps the pH of the soil has changed and needs adjustment. The soil test is a great place to start. Some other things to consider include a change in the water source. If you have been growing vegetable in the same area year after year there may be a buildup of pathogens (diseases) or insect pests. If you have a butternut or black walnut tree nearby it can poison the soil for some vegetables.

I hope this helps,