giant hornet here in my garage

Asked May 21, 2015, 8:27 AM EDT

killed a giant hornet here in ohio in my garage not sure what kind maybe asian what to do with it

Trumbull County Ohio

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Please take this to your local county extension office. Dave Marrison will be able to assist you in identifying properly.

Trumbull County Office

520 W. Main St., Suite 1
Cortland, OH 44410

These pictures came through blurry on my end and it is hard to tell the striping. Also needed to see the other side (top) of the insect better, all I could see when enlarged were legs.

Most likely it is a European hornet and it’s large size makes it a constant target for mis-identification as the dreaded Asian Giant Hornet! Not just videos, but if you do a search for “Asian hornets,” a number of mislabeled images showing European hornets will show-up which explains why Ohio gardeners often think they’ve really discovered something!

On the other hand, European hornets (which is a “true hornet”) practice a unique feeding behavior not shared with baldfaced hornets (actually in a yellowjacket genus), yellowjackets, and wasps in Ohio: they will stripe bark from the twigs and branches of shrubs and small trees in order to feed on the sugar-rich phloem. They can sometimes be pretty destructive. They are not very aggressive – OSU Entomologist, Joe Boggs has actually taken close-up shots with a 50mm macro lens just a few inches from these big stingers and he's never gotten stung, or even buzzed.

Hope this helps and that it is not an Asian hornet but other type.