empty black walnuts

Asked May 20, 2015, 11:41 AM EDT

We planted two black walnut trees 12 years ago. One of the trees has nuts with no meat. The other has not yet yielded. Our neighbor (two miles away) has very old black walnuts that yield heavily but no meat inside large nuts. Is there a fertilizer or technique I can apply to the trees to get black walnut meats? Our English walnuts bear heavily with big nuts.

Lincoln County Oregon

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I am not sure why you are getting no nuts in your area. Walnuts are wind pollinated so it is not a bee problem. Are the rtrees looking healthy? Is there any material in the nuts at all? Sorry to be asking so many questions. Nut trees can get into a pattern of bearing every other year after a big freeze, but since yours have not borne at all, that is probably not the correct answer. Have you fertilized heavily with nitrogen. That can delay bearing in fruit and nut trees. I hope I shall be able to help you with more information or we can refer the question to another expert. Thank you for your patience.

We have plenty of bees. Trees healthy. No fertilizer. Absolutely nothing in shells. Wondering if winters not cold enough for them as the black walnuts leaf out last and loose their leaves first??? Thank you for response. Are any black walnuts bearing near the coast?

No bees are needed as these are wind pollinated. If it rains heavily during the flowering period, that can impact the crop, but you should still get some. I do not know if black walnuts are bearing near the coast. We should refer this to a coastal expert. Resubmit please requesting an expert for your area on this matter. So sorry I could not give that definitive answer for you.