Noxious Jack in the pulpit like weed

Asked May 19, 2015, 11:06 AM EDT

I have an invasion of small Jack in the pulpit like weeds, they multiply by corms and are superinvasive.. I got them from a friend who got them from compost from Montg.Cy. I have tried everything from Vinegar, Round Up, Various weed killers etc by topical application with no luck. Please refer my question to an Expert in Noxious invasive weeds. I have taken the plant to the extension service but they had never seen anything like it and could not identify it. it has a greenish white flower like Jack in the pulpit ,it grows up to 10 " and forms multiple corms along the stack as well as below the soil around the corm. Please Help!

Montgomery County Maryland weed issues plant identification invasive jack in the pulpit pinellia ternata

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We believe your culprit is pinellia ternata, or cow dipper, a member of the Jack-in-the-pulpit family this is a noxious weed.
Please read over this following webpage carefully. The only herbicide ingredient that seems to have any impact on pinellia is triclopyr. It is available in several herbicides on the market, such as Brush-B-Gone or poison ivy sprays. Look for an herbicide with all or a high percentage of triclopyr.
Other than that, dig it up carefully.
And warn your friends and extension folks.


Here's the webpage we promised you: