How can I get rid of poison oak that is pervasive on our property?

Asked May 19, 2015, 9:57 AM EDT

How can I get rid of poison oak that is pervasive; it's all over especially on the N. side of our 6-acre home. Please help. Many thanks. Audrey DeMott

Josephine County Oregon

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The only effective way I know is to start a spray program with Garlon 3A which is an amine form of Garlon. This product needs to be sprayed when the plant is actively growing in spring and early summer before the ground dries out and the plant shuts down activity. Right now would be good timing. When you use a herbicide always use a sticker spreader that helps the product stay on the waxy leaf of poison oak. You will often have to follow up and spray again once rains return in the fall on plants that survived the first spray. This can be a several year project. I suggested the amine form of Garlon so it is not so volatile. This reduces the risk of herbicide drift damage to other plants on your property or a neighbors property.