Is it a fungus?

Asked May 18, 2015, 6:30 PM EDT

My miniture rose bushes are getting black spots on the leaves and turning yellow they are falling off..right now they only have the roses with no has just about killed my pink one. Please help me..its not a bug I have looked and can't see any.

Sebastian County Arkansas

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Without actually seeing a sample of your rose bush, and putting it under a microscope, I can't tell for sure. However, roses commonly get a fungal leaf spot that is called black spot of rose. Almost all rose cultivars are susceptible. Roses may be sprayed with a fungicide that acts preventatively to keep the foliage clear of the leaf spot. There is no cure for spots that already occur. I suggest that you trim the small rose bush and discard the trimmings, when it has finished the first flush of blooms in late May. Also pick up those leaves that fall. We call that sanitation in plant disease control. Then spray with a rose or flower and garden spray that lists roses on the label. Spray according to the label, and try to get good coverage to all leaves and twigs. You will need to spray again in about 7 to 10 days. Avoid water on the leaves, but try to water the bush around the base of the plant.

Hope this helps! Thank you for contacting Cooperative Extension.