Double knockout roses not growing or blooming help:(

Asked May 18, 2015, 4:56 PM EDT

so I bought these beautiful potted plants, 6 of them to b exact... They had blooms on them and buds I was so excited to get home and plant them. So I did on the north east side of my house.. I used regular garden soil, roses soil, and knockout fertilizer... I water them every other days but lately I haven't because it's been raining almost everyday... Can someone help me figure out what's wrong with em??? I deadheaded them and the stems stayed like that....

Bell County Texas

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Are they in full sun ?? roses need sun and warm weather to really do well. we have had too many days recently that are cloudy and overcast. I think you will be fine when the sun shines If they are planted in full sun.

Yes they're in full sun until 3:30 pm.... So they get about 8 to 9 hrs of full sun... Yes it's been very cloudy and raining all theses past 10 days... Ok thank u so much, hopefully they grow and bloom when this weather changes!!!

they could likely need more sun if they are shaded after 3:30.