Black walnut vs siouxland poplar

Asked May 18, 2015, 3:20 PM EDT

Would like to plant a Siouxland poplar where an established 30-40ft black walnut is. All the places I look do not address if this will work ie the Siouxland poplar is tolerant of black walnut. I did read this article "Toxicity of black walnuts towards other plants" and juglone and wonder if this is in the resistant category or another. Red oak was mentioned by a gertens expert as a fast growing alternative provided it was watered an inch and a half a week. Opinions?

Pierce County Wisconsin

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Dear gardener,

As a species, Populus is considered to be tolerant of juglone. (I found no references specific to the Siouxland variety.)

Poplars tend to be relatively weak and short-lived compared to other species such as red oak; so you may want to take their other features into consideration when choosing a tree.