Peach tree gummosis

Asked May 18, 2015, 10:59 AM EDT

I believe our peach tree has gummosis.....I am not sure of the cause. My 1st guess is possible environmental stress by lack of water. The tree is about 5 years old (from when we planted it) has plentiful green leaves but a large canker with amber sap. There are other fruit trees in the yard including apples and pears both in the back yard - blueberry and cherry bushes in the front yard (other side of fence and house). No other pitted fruits. Last year there weren't any fruit. I cannot remember if it had blossoms or not. I have yet to see any blossoms this year but have lots of green leaves. I have uploaded a picture. Please advise if we adjust and add watering by drip irrigation or a sprinkler will help the tree to heal and if it may bloom and fruit in the future. Thanks!

Union County Ohio

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Hi There,

Gummosis typically results from insect damage or mechanical injuries. Lesser peachtree borer can be a good possibility.

Here is a factsheet from OSU:

I do not think irrigation with a sprinkler or drip tape will help.