Inkberry problem

Asked May 18, 2015, 10:56 AM EDT

We planted two shamrock inkberry shrubs (2 feet high) two weeks ago and right away some of the leaves turned yellow. I mistakenly used Biotone Starter in the soil....mistakenly because I read that it is an acid-loving holly. So, then I put some Holly Tone around it. I keep the soil moist. Also gave it some coffee grounds. The whole bush is not yellow, just scattered leaves that then fall off. There are 2 or 3 brown leaves as well.

Baltimore Maryland

1 Response

It is not unusual for newly planted shrubs, especially those of the genus Ilex (hollies), to exhibit some yellowing leaves and leaf drop. The important thing for you to provide them, however is water. If we do not get adequate rainfall, make sure that the shrubs receive the equivalent of at least one inch of rainwater each week. Hold back on the fertilizer for a year or two. You don't want to encourage excessive foliar growth at the expense of under developed roots. Allow the plants to develop at their own rate.