Spray pasture for knapweed

Asked May 17, 2015, 9:10 PM EDT

I have a 5 acre field three miles east of Sisters that has decided to put out about a million new knapweed starts at about 5/6 inch high.What product can I use that will kill the weeds but leave the grass alive? We live on 40 acres and I am fearful that the knapweed will take over...any help will be very much appreciated.

Deschutes County Oregon

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There are several options for control of knapweed in a pasture. The most affordable and easiest to find is a 2,4-D + dicamba/mcpp combination. Big R carries Weedmaster which will be a good product for this but there are other brand names with this combination available. Other products that will take care of this problem are carfentrazone (Aim) or aminopyralid (Milestone.These can be purchased at local chemical companies such as Midstate Fertilizer in Redmond or Helena Chemical Company in Bend/Culver/Prineville. The one caution with Milestone is that you cannot move any product off your property if you use this product. Be sure to read and follow the information on the label of these chemicals as each one has it's own requirement for grazing and cutting hay.