Schip Laurel problems

Asked May 17, 2015, 8:20 PM EDT

a couple of hollies and schip laurel got zapped in the winter; hollies are dead but laural is starting to regrow on the bottom - something is chewing on the leaves though. not the shot fungus. Insecticide?

Fayette County Kentucky

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Pesticide applications should only be made once a correct diagnosis of the problem has been determined. If possible, try to determine what is causing the damage. Some pest feed at night or during early morning hours. If this is young, tender growth low to the ground, the problem could be a number of things including slugs which are not controlled by insecticides. If you can’t spot the causal organism, take a sample of the damage to your county extension office (see for contact information) or to a local garden center who may be able to diagnose the issue from the sample alone and point you to a product that will address the specific pest. Also, it may be prudent to observe the plant over several days to determine if the damage is continuing or perhaps the pest has run its course and no treatment is necessary.