Pin Oak leaf drop

Asked May 17, 2015, 1:07 PM EDT

It's mid-May and we finally feet most of the Spring tree " droppings " are almost done. We are now seeing something from our Pin Oak that I don't think we've seen before. Most of the leaves on the oak (50+yrs.old) are deep green now. Initially I wasn't sure which tree was dropping them. But,they're mostly on our pavement and in our yard,and seem to be coming from our oak. They're small and curled and a bit dry. Mostly yellowish in color, a bit brown with some "dots" of green.
We did have some cold temps in early Spring. Maybe leaves damaged by some of our unusual weather earlier this year? Do you think we need to have someone look at it?
Thank you.

Portsmouth Virginia

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It actually sounds like the Pin Oak catkins or male flower clusters that occur in spring as the plants are leafing out. They shed their pollen to the wind and the female flowers that then become acorns. If you can bring in a sample to the Portsmouth Extension office on Utah Street or take pictures of the "leaves" they can confirm the and/or rediagnose the problem. The portsmouth office number is 393-5319.