Meyer lemon tree

Asked May 17, 2015, 1:05 AM EDT

I have 2 lemon trees which wintered ok in a new greenhouse. The leaves are yellow, so I fertilized them in Jan. And they responded with heavy bloom, but still yellow. In March I gave them liquid iron, and they're still yellow although one is getting new foliage and the other isn't. In May I gave them another dose of liquid iron. Should I prune the one that's not getting new leaves, or what would you suggest? Thanks, Chris Raymond

Multnomah County Oregon

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The yellowing pattern of your citrus leaves resembles that of a magnesium deficiency, not iron. Symptoms of iron deficiency are quite different as you can see here: go to and then scroll down about half way to images of both iron and magnesium deficiencies,.) I suggest you don’t remove any live woody parts until the plant recovers.

You didn’t supply any details other than those about adding an iron supplement. Understand that even when the deficiency is corrected, some leaves won’t re-green. Assuming that this potted citrus received regular doses of citrus fertilizer according to label directions, it should not have any deficiency. I suggest you re-pot the trees in fresh potting mix to avoid whatever is currently occurring in the rootball, and then proceed according to the information here: Also see this from a professional grower: