Tree Transplanting

Asked May 16, 2015, 7:50 PM EDT

I wish to transplant a pecan sapling. How do I do it? Also how far away does it need to be from concrete so the roots don't tear it up? When is the best time to plant?

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When transplanting a sapling Fall is the best time to do it. That being said it can be done at any time. When you did it try to get as much of the root system as you can. Be sure to dig wide. Dig your new hole twice as wide as the ball you dug up and the same depth. Transplant the tree and put the soil in the hole in the same order as you took it out. No need for fertilizers, compost, etc. in the new hole. Be sure to firmly pack the soil around the new transplant and water it in.

You should plant the tree around 30 feet away from the side walk or buildings to give it plenty of room to grow.