How to get rid of Lesser Celandine?

Asked May 16, 2015, 3:31 PM EDT

Many years ago we had a plant come into our yard either within another plant or by the birds and it has taken over parts of the yard. Is there something we can use to rid this because each plant seems to have many little bulbs so pulling or digging doesn't seem to do the trick.

Clackamas County Oregon

2 Responses

It appears that you have a very healthy clump of lesser celandine, an invasive weed that does particularly well here in the northwest. As you’ve already learned, pulling it does little good because of the many small tuberous roots which remain. This publication has specific instructions for management. Be certain to follow the suggested timing which is critical to success. Even so, getting rid of lesser celandine will require several years of persistent effort.

You're probably very surprised to see another response to your question at this late date. The link that should have been to "Least Wanted: Fig Buttercup"