mushroom compost

Asked May 16, 2015, 12:30 PM EDT

Would it be feasible to say that mushroom compost mixed with organic garden soil and bat guano for nitrogen and forest humus would make my garden grow big beautiful plants.I have clayee soil

Klamath County Oregon

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Hi, If you are trying improve a clay type soil you will want to improve the drainage by adding a soil conditioner such as coconut coir(more sustainable but may be difficult to find) or peat moss (less sustainable). What are you planting in the area? A vegetable garden or landscape plants?? Forest humus, bat guano and organic garden soil(from a bag?) can all help to add nutrients to the soil. Mushroom compost can be high in salts (which affects plant growth) so you will want to make sure it is aged well. If you are amending the native soil to create a vegetable garden area you could simply add 3-6" of compost and one of the soil conditioners listed above and rototill them in the top of the area. Here is a link for a publication on amending the soil