Ants in my strawberries

Asked May 16, 2015, 12:29 PM EDT

I have a few varieties of everbearing strawberries that I grow in a large, deep garden box in Portland. I have had strawberries there for several years and replace plants every few years. This year I have noticed lots of small ants and possibly ant nests around the base of some of the plants. Some years I have had trouble with ants eating the ripe berries but I have never noticed them so early. Please advise me!

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As you know, ants are very common outdoors. This is a year when many critters are on an early schedule. You can try commercial pre-filled ant bait stations to decrease their numbers in the planter for the season. Next time you replace your plants, perhaps it would be helpful to disrupt the ant nests entirely by emptying the planters and then refilling them. To avoid ant interference with ripening berries, gather ripe and damaged fruit daily.