How to eradicate invasive arum

Asked May 16, 2015, 10:35 AM EDT

I have a problem with arum growing in various parts of my yard and garden. It is resistant to roundup. It is impossible to dig it out, because the tiny bulb-like base tend to break off. Any small bit of the plant left in the soil tends to sprout again. I've tried covering it with cardboard and mulch but no luck. Any ideas?

Washington County Oregon invasive species horticulture

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As a new invasive weed the information for effective control of Italian Arum is still developing. Please see below a link to the detailed information about Italian Arum. Please read the plant identification details and see pictures to confirm the plant ID. Overall there has been limited success with different control methods under trial. No herbicides have been found effective to kill its tubers. One positive result that i found in this report is:

"Vern Holm with the Western Invasives Network has tried many different control methods on Arum italicum and so far the only way he has found to control them is to pour boiling water on roots. He notes that trying to dig them up seems to only spread them around more and damage other plants that may be providing competition"

If you have only a few plants then you can try digging around each plant carefully to completely remove the main and daughter tubers. Please bag and dispose off in garbage. Note: "Please wear gloves as many people have reported having poison oak-like symptoms from touching the sap of this plant."-Jordan Kim, Hood River SWCD
Here is the link to complete report

Here is link to website where public can report invasive weeds. I found two recent reports from Clackamas county and Hood River. Please scroll down to read the responses to both reports.

I hope this information will be helpful.