verticillium wilt

Asked May 16, 2015, 10:02 AM EDT

We have a beautiful ornamental maple tree that is 40 -50 years old, at least. Last year we noticed parts of it were dying & did some research. Seems to be verticillium wilt. We have been pruning off the dead & dying areas, but still are fighting it. Have tried to find an arborist to come look at it & help us with the best way to treat & hopefully cure our lovely tree. Every one we have called are not qualified - they are basically pruners. they shouldn't be allowed to be listed under aborists, but that's another matter. We really want to save this tree & also have several other varieties of maples in our yard, that we would like to prevent from getting this. We are willing to pay for an expert, but can't find one! Please, someone, help us do all we can to save our graceful, aging tree. Thank you.

Clackamas County Oregon

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I suggest you consult several Certified Arborists for onsite evaluations to determine the cause of the problem and treatments, if any, which may be helpful. Certified Arborists are trained in tree care, must pass an exam, and must accumulate mandated continuing education. When you contact each company, avoid any unwelcome surprises by asking if they have a fee for the visit and evaluation.

You can locate Certified Arborists in the Yellow Pages, online or in a phone book. Tree care companies with such a person will include that information in their ads, either as a brief statement or as a small rectangular logo stating “Certified Arborist.” You can also locate a Certified Arborist here:

If the diagnosis is verticillium, this list of susceptible and resistant plants will be helpful in choosing future plantings: