Ground boring insects

Asked May 15, 2015, 4:14 PM EDT

I have some insects that bore many holes (approx. 1/4 in. dia.) in the ground. They are approx. size of a Yellow Jacket but they are not aggressive when disturbed - they probably don't sting. Enclosed is a photo but the resolution is poor. The other shows their burrows. There are probably several hundred behind my house so I would like to identify them so that I/we could come up with the proper treatment. I've tried wasp spray with little effect. I would appreciate any help. Dave M.

Howard County Maryland

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From your photos the insects look like mining bees.We have had many reports of mining bees this spring. They are beneficial pollinators and control should be avoided if possible. They are solitary bees and do not sting. Their activity is usually brief about several weeks. They like exposed soil and good drainage. In flower beds, you may want to lay landscape fabric down and cover with several inches of mulch to discourage them. In lawn areas, seed in the fall to thicken up your stand of turf. See our website for more information