Mining Bee Take Over

Asked May 15, 2015, 2:23 PM EDT

This is our second year having ground bees, but unfortunately this year their numbers seem to have tripled. Our neighborhood has ton of kids and we have two of our own; and we are worried that the kids may aggravate the bees given there number and location, which is our entire front lawn. Reading material online has been confusing to say the least. One article will say don't worry they are not aggressive and will only be around for 6-8weeks and the next will say they can become aggressive and extermination is the best option. We tried to soak them out by leaving our soaker hose on for three days. Are there other gentler and environmentally sound options to move them along and to ensure we don't get them again. Thank you, Nicole.

Howard County Maryland

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You may be referring to mining bees.They are beneficial pollinators and control should be avoided if possible. They are solitary bees and do not sting. Their activity is usually brief about several weeks. They like exposed soil and good drainage.

There are no easy solutions. In flower beds, you may want to lay landscape fabric down and cover with several inches of mulch to discourage them. In lawn areas, seed in the fall to thicken up your stand of turf. See our website for more information