That will be good bugs or bad bugs?

Asked May 15, 2015, 1:02 PM EDT

This is clover growing freely in our meadow in full sun . These bumps (1/8" in diameter) look like eggs and they grow bigger and bigger everyday inside of the leaves. Is The result will be bad bugs or good bugs ? Preventive method I can do if are bad bugs before they hatch or right after ?

Prince George's County Maryland

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This looks like galls on the clover and there are many types. Galls can be caused by insects, mites, bacteria, fungi, or nematodes. Most insect and mite galls are caused by chemicals produced by the egg laying and feeding activities. The chemicals cause the affected plant cells to swell. Aphids, midges, wasps, psyllids, beetles and eriophyid mites can cause galls.
Galls do not affect the health of the plant and no control is necessary. This is all part of our ecosystem and biodiversity.
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