Thorn bushes

Asked May 15, 2015, 8:47 AM EDT

I had 5 acres cleared last year and grass sown in the fall. Some of the grass came up, but most of the land is covered with unsightly thorn bushes (have heard them called locust bushes) and with very little grass. How can I get rid of them organically? I hope to have an organic garden next year and don't want to use Round-Up and the like on my ground. Thanks!

Butler County Kentucky

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Good morning, The most common thorn tree we have in Butler County is the "Honey Locust". They are very resilliant. Many acres of Butler County land are almost completely grown up in honey locust. If they are small trees they are probably sprouts from where you had big trees pushed over and some root mass was left in the ground. Probably the only organic way to remove these is to turn the entire 5 acres with a "breaking Plow" or moldboard plow and tractor. Another option is to use pruners and go around and remove them one at a time. You could also run a rotary mower over the fields several times each year and you will finally get the sprouts to quit growing, but you will likely have flat tires a a result of this action. I hope this helps. If you decide to abandon the organic strategy "crossbow" or herbicides like it will kill the small thorns without killing grass. Good luck

Thanks so much for your quick reply. I have a feeling I'm going to needs LOTS of luck. :)


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