American beech - leaves are dying

Asked May 14, 2015, 11:04 AM EDT

I have an American beech that I just planted one year ago. The leaves just came out in the last 10 days. I noticed that there was a reddish color around the fringe of the new leaves. I wasn't sure whether it was normal or not. Today, I noticed that there are dead areas on the leaves. This does not look healthy. How can I solve my problem?

Howard County Maryland

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This looks like environmental leaf scorch. Keep it well watered in time of drought. If there is not an inch of rain in in a week, water it deeply. You might want to mulch an area about four feet in diameter around the base of the tree to avoid competition with the lawn. vw

I watered very deeply last Saturday. I use a five gallon bucket with a 1/4" plastic syphon tube. I could cut back the sod, however.

What about the red color on the leaves? Is that normal for new leaves on an American beech?

thanks, Jim

The reddish brown color on the edges of the leaves is the indication of scorch. It is not normal. Last Saturday's watering could have been a little to late. You need 3-5 gallons of water for every inch of caliper of your tree per week, being sure that the water actually goes deep enough to the roots. Continue to monitor your tree. If it develops increased scorch or other symptoms, send us additional photos. vw