Japanese Weeping Maple tree put in 15 years ago,

Asked May 14, 2015, 10:42 AM EDT

Japanese Weeping Maple tree put in 15 years ago, is thinning and lots of little dead branches after past few winters. It keeps spreading outward, but can see through branches. What can we do.-? We have tried Jobe's spikes the last few seasons, but see no improvement. It is near a small pond turned water bubbler, but really gets no water from it. It is surrounded by my gardens on each side, so does get overhead sprinkling and also irrrigation during dry summer months. We paid $300.00 for this tree when little.and would like to save her.

Ottawa County Michigan

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Thank you for contacting MSUE's Ask an Expert about your Japanese maple.

You may be able to improve the appearance of your maple with some judicious pruning. There are differing thoughts on how to prune acer japonica dissectum. Here are some websites that will give you a starting point.

Considering the age this tree and your financial investment in this tree, you may want to consult a certified arborist for advice and/or service on it. Look in the phone book under Tree Service.




I hope this gives you some help. Please let us know if you have additional questions. Now is probably not the best time to prune as the sap is running, so you have time to consider your options.

Again, thanks for contacting AaE.