trimming back a japanese maple

Asked May 13, 2015, 9:25 PM EDT

We have a nearly spherical cut-leaf Japanese maple which has grown far too large for its space. Is there a method/way to trim its diameter from 6-7 feet to a 4' or so ... All the growth is on the exterior of the plant w/ no leaves or live shoots in the well shaded interior. We have tried to trim the internal dead wood and branches to give more droop - but little happened to the overall size. Thank you

Howard County Maryland trees and shrubs pruning

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When you prune a Japanese maple, you want to cut branches back to where they join another branch. You may not want to do all of your pruning in one year. Don't remove more than 25% of the tree in any year. The best time for extensive pruning is when the tree is dormant. vw