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Asked May 13, 2015, 7:15 PM EDT

Using for first time need info. Recipe; compost-worm castings,molasses, sea min., fish & kelp eml. humic acid, brew 3 days @ 70 dg., Apply at rate of 1/2 tea to water each week.They suggest foliar spray, why. What other fertilization will I need and what do you think of recipe? Will be using on tomatoes.
Thanks Rick

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Are you wanting to use this as a fertilizer?

I am going to use the compost tea every week as, Healthy Vegetable Garden's suggest. My questions are; do I need to add additional fertilizer and if so what, why use as a foliar spray rather than at base of plant? Main crop tomatoes.

They may be recommending the compost tea to be applied as a foliar spray to possibly act as a pathogen control. However, studies have shown that positive results of using compost tea for this purpose are minimal.Compost tea may also be used to supplement fertilizer as it can provide nutrients to the soil. It will not replace the need for a fertilizer, however. Compost teas often include the worm castings, kelp, humic acid, and sugar source that you listed in your recipe. Most recommend that compost tea be used very quickly after it is made as it will become less effective over time. It should be stored in a cool, dark place in an open container.
As for what to fertilize the tomatoes with, it is best to have a soil test done to determine the current pH level and buffer pH and also determine which nutrients are necessary (and missing from your soil).
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