Forsythia's failed to flower for second year

Asked May 13, 2015, 12:46 PM EDT

I live in Zone 5 growing area in upstate NY. Last year and this year my well established (3) forsythia's bushes (8+years each) have failed to flower as beautifully and as full, like past years. Nothing has changed, same soil, don't fertilize, same location and same sun, but they start showing and follow through with the foliage as if they flowered. As look across the street from where I live, there is a forsythia bush older than mine, and it has fully flowered again as usual .

Otsego County New York

3 Responses

If you prune off the new wood, the forsythia will not bloom. If you have to prune, do it immediately after they bloom and do not prune again until after bloom. vw

I didn't do any pruning of new wood( and I do that when there have stopped flowering &or lost their leaves) except for dead branches! All my shrubs didn't flower like I said before, for the last two years and I usually don't even do any pruning! I let them do their own thing each year and let them get bigger/taller.

We assume that you have seen no evidence of insects or disease. We assume that it is in full sun and you say that you have not fertilized. Try cutting back one third of the oldest stems back to the ground. Hopefully the branches that emerge from the ground as a result of this pruning will flower nicely next year. vw