rose rosetta disease?

Asked May 13, 2015, 8:02 AM EDT

On two of my roses, a darlow's enigma and a musk rose, some new growth is very very red, very curly, the leaves are wispy, the branches very contorted, Both plants are about 5r years old, very healthy and robust otherwise (the musk is 20 feet, end-to-end). Only one cane of musk seems afflicted--it's more widespread on the darlow's enigma--maybe 5% of the plant. My question--is this rosetta disease? And, if so, do I really need to grub out the entire plant? I have other old garden roses--albas, damasks, centifolias--and would hate to lose them. But the musk is a pretty nice too.

Frederick County Maryland

1 Response

The photos of the roses do not show typical rose rosette damage. Leaves are usually red and excessive pliable thorns, etc. There is a lot of distorted growth in the photos. It is possible that this may be herbicide damage especially if something was sprayed on the shrubs or nearby. At this point, prune back to healthy tissue and see if the roses put out normal growth this season. You can send us additional photos if need be.
See our website on rose rosette and herbicide damage