Doeling goat shedding

Asked May 13, 2015, 12:19 AM EDT

My doeling will be 1 year old July 01,2015. She is bred, expecting July 15th. She is a Nigerian Dwarf. She has a long coat and has been shedding the last month. I have noticed that there are a couple of areas on her body that the hair is removed right down to the skin. She appears to have dry skin and dandruff on her fur. I wonder if I could give her fish oil or something like vitamin E for this problem? I have attached pictures. I am wondering if this is something I need to be concerned about? She does not appear to be sick she is eating and drinking well. I feed her alfalfa, minerals and a treat of cob and oats. Thank you.

Deschutes County Oregon

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From the looks of things this your doeling may have lice. Have you wormed her this year? The use of a good pour on wormer (cattle or sheep either will work) may help because of the mild winter they are extremely bad this year. Also, there looks to be chew marks on the back leg near the tail which could mean deer worms as well. The pour on wormer would also help with this. I would consult a veterinarian to be sure. A respected goat breeder I know would recommend the use of cydectin, but not until after she kids, for immediate relief a pour on like the Ivomectrin or Safeguard would be safe for the fetus. As soon as the weather is warmer it might be a good idea to bathed and clip her in order to help with infestation control. As always, if in doubt, contact your local veterinarian as a personal visit is recommended when dealing with livestock health issues.

Best of luck