Pollinating my bartlett

Asked May 12, 2015, 2:31 PM EDT

What is best pollinater for my barlett pear, keiffer or summer crisp

Midland County Michigan

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The insect that carries the pollen is called a pollinator. The tree that provides the pollen is called a pollinizer. Either variety should work. You might find the Summer Crisp has better eating quality than the Kieffer. Kieffer is an old standby and both Kieffer and Bartlett and considered semi-self -fruitful in a warm bloom.
Both are fire blight resistant which is important here in the East.
Commercial growers usually use Bosc as a pollinizer.
Summer Crisp
Pollination information

would it be beneficial to use bose and if so where do you get it

I do not think Bosc would be significantly better. It would be hard to find tree available at this time. I would try local garden stores to see what they have in stock. Either of the other two should work as well. We have lots of Kieffer and Bartlett in Michigan so they have stood the test of time