dead pink gaura

Asked May 11, 2015, 9:57 PM EDT

Hi , this is the second year I have tried to plant pink gaura in my garden. It is beautiful and flowers all summer very hardy and draught tolerant in my very sunny garden. I just dont understand why it dies over the winter. i am zone 5 , I think. Could the mice be eating the roots, I do have a lot of mice or did they die because the past 2 winters have been so very long and cold. I love them so much I am willing to buy them new each year. I just wish I knew why they are dieing?? They would be growing by now if they were alive, right.

New Jersey perennials

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Dear gardener,

This is not a plant that I am familiar with; however, it appears that they may suffer from root rot if grown in heavy, poorly drained soils. I suggest you try growing them in a raised bed which allows for good drainage to see if this might make a difference.