What is causing yellow spots on the leaves of my peonies?

Asked May 11, 2015, 8:12 PM EDT

My peonies have yellow spots on the leaves, which can be rubbed off. Every single one of the 50 new plants that I planted in the fall have the same spots on the leaves. Also, some, not all, of the leaves are starting to curl up. I don't see this particular problem on any site that I've looked on.

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It is very difficult to diagnose without seeing the plant or close-up photos. There are several pests and diseases that affect peonies aside from the usual aphids, etc. (Click on this link to find some of these: A Visual Guide: Peony Problems.)

I suggest you take a sample (sealed in a plastic bag) to your local Cooperative Extension office at http://www.ccebroomecounty.com/Programs/horticulture, local Master Gardeners, or the vendor from which you obtained the plants.