Plant Identification

Asked May 11, 2015, 6:06 PM EDT

Can you tell me what this plant is growing between my hostas? I cut it back last summer thinking it was just a weed of some kind, but it grew back and then survived the winter to grow again this spring. I asked at one of the nurseries, and they thought initially it was an an elephant ear, but that wouldn't overwinter here in eastern Oregon. It is not a rhubarb plant either. Is it some kind of weed?

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Hello. This looks like Lesser or Common Burdock, Arctium minus. You can find more information on this site:
The first year it produces a rosette of large heart-shaped leaves, the second year, if not chopped back it would produce a long stem 3-10 feet tall. Flowers occur in mid-summer and are purple in a bur-like structure. It is invasive and considered a weed by many people.