How do I get an indoor cyclamen to bloom again in the future?

Asked May 11, 2015, 5:30 PM EDT

I have an indoor cyclamen that is done blooming.. How do I care for it so it will bloom again in the future?

Montgomery County Maryland

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Gradually reduce the amount of water until the leaves begin to yellow, then discontinue watering completely.Store the tubers in the original pot in a cool ,dry place until the fall.When new growth starts to reappear,remove the tuber from the pot,shake off the old soil and re-pot into the same pot using a soil based potting soil. Stand the pot in bright light,keep it cool, and water sparingly until the leaves are well developed. thereafter treat it as a mature plant.


Thanks for the response. I asume that when it is in a cool dry place, it will need no light.. So I was thinking of storing it in the basement.. Will this work .. Thanks Pete

You can store the containers in the basement. In general, getting the plant to rebloom is challenging. Many simply discard the plants after flowering.