Who's muching on my black currants leaves and how to get rid of them?

Asked May 11, 2015, 2:27 PM EDT

Found green caterpillars munching on one of my black currant's leaves. They are light green, about 2 inches long, not hairy (see second picture attached). How do we get rid of them?
Thank you!

Baltimore County Maryland

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This appears to be the larvae of a sawfly.When young 1" or less they can be controlled with spinosad. larger ones can be controlled with an insecticide like permethrin. Small infestations may be manually removed and destroyed.


Thank you! I only found 3 yesterday on the same black currant plant (picked them off and dropped in soapy water). I will continue to monitor, but was curious if there's other known plants that they like to feast on?

Most sawfly appear to be host specific. There is the rose slug,feed on roses. The pine saw fly on mugo pine, etc.


Excellent, thank you!