Raised Bed Design - Juglone

Asked May 10, 2015, 10:54 PM EDT

Will it work to put a layer of gravel underneath perforated root shield beneath the soil in a raised bed in order to prevent leaching of juglone from black walnut trees? The hope is to create a rapid-draining layer that will minimize leaching. I've seen raised beds are suggested, but more as a large container with a sealed bottom (http://www.extension.org/pages/36934/would-building-a-raised-bed-with-a-barrier-in-the-bottom-prevent-our-black-walnut-tree-from-affectin). I'm hoping this word work and drain more like a typical raised bed. Thank you!

York County Pennsylvania

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Penn State recommends creating and planting in raised buds to reduce root contact. This will require lining the bed to reduce root contact using weed fabric and filling the raised bed with new topsoil.

Here is a link to a Penn State fact sheet called Landscaping and Gardening Around Walnuts and Other Juglone Producing Plants