Tree budding

Asked May 9, 2015, 1:23 PM EDT

I transplanted an oak tree but after budding it got a little dry. About two days. I now have water to the site and are watering heavily. The tree branches are green but the buds are not maturing. Should I remove the buds that seam dry. I am thinking of removing the buds on a couple of the lower branches for a trial. If I do nothing will the tree survive the year?

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A transplanted tree’s survival depends upon a number of factors, among them these: tree size (smaller/younger is better); time of year (ideal time is after it dropped its leaves, perhaps October or November); the size of the rootball; how it was planted; and follow-up care, especially supplemental watering during the next two years. My suggestion for your tree is to keep all branches and all buds until the tree shows you what parts are alive and which are dead. (If this were my tree, I’d wait until next year.) For the next two years, water is the critical factor; the most important area is the original rootball where water will be needed more often than the surrounding soil.

For details, please see “New Tree Planting” and this detailed discussion “Newly Planted trees”