Need a Suggestion for a Spot in Our Back Yard

Asked May 8, 2015, 1:55 PM EDT

My wife and I had a patio put in last Fall. As a result, a young Crape Myrtle had to be transplanted and it didn't make it through the Winter. We want to replace it, but don't know what to plant that will fit. You can see by the attached picture that there is about 5'-6' of space surrounding the location. This location gets a medium amount of sun, especially in the afternoon. Can you provide us with some colorful options for a tree or bush that would fit nicely when fully grown? Would a dwarf weeping cherry tree fit in this location? Other thoughts as well would be appreciated. Thank you. -Jim & Sharon

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A dwarf weeping cherry tree would work in that location. There are many other small flowering trees that would look nice there; here are a few:

Halesia tetraptera - Carolina silverbell

Stewartia pseudocamellia - Japanese stewartia

Styrax japonica - Japanese snowbell

Cornus florida - flowering dogwood

Cercis canadensis - red bud