Euonymus care

Asked May 6, 2015, 9:14 PM EDT

We have a very large euonymous vine covering a pergola attached to our house. It was badly damaged during the winter. Does it help the plant or not matter to trim out much of the dead branches and twigs?

Arapahoe County Colorado

1 Response

It sounds as if your euonymous vine is a significant plant in your backyard landscape. Many of the broad leaf evergreens suffered significant damage due to both the unusual November freeze in 2014, and our dry winter.

Many broad leaf evergreens suffer normal dieback due to winter dessication on the Front Range.

Although tedious, pruning the dead twigs will improve the looks, and your enjoyment of the vine. The pruning process may also stimulate new growth and fullness. It is my observation that many of the broad leaf evergreens that did survive this difficult combination of weather events have been very slow to leaf out this spring. Hopefully, our recent rains will help!

When pruning, it is best to start at the top of the vine, and cut off obvious dead portions that snap, but do not bend,