How long will it take for our dead maple tree to fall down?

Asked May 6, 2015, 6:14 PM EDT

We have a dead 75' maple. It died about 5 years ago when another maple fell and hit it during a big storm. We are enjoying the bird activity on it (see photo of woodpecker cutouts) and don't want to cut it down. Do you have any guess about how many years we might be able to enjoy it before it becomes a danger (we live on a farm and it won't hit our house - it could fall across the road)

Litchfield County Connecticut

1 Response

There is no way to predict how long your tree will remain upright. However, we appreciate your enjoyment of the bird activity and, beyond that, dead trees such as yours are of huge importance to wildlife all along the food chain.

One approach could be to remove the tall and long branches, leaving the main trunk for the birds. This would remove a lot of the top weight that would pull the tree over, and also the branches that catch the most wind, pulling the tree over. The remaining tree trunk could be notched on the side where you want it to fall.

If this tree presents a hazard, however, you should contact a tree service company and get their advice.