Homemade deer repellent

Asked May 4, 2015, 10:54 PM EDT

What is the best homemade deer repellent and why?

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We do not have our own research on the latest best repellents. However, there are good repellents out there. Liquid Fence, for instance, is effective and does not clog sprayers (an important feature.)

We would recommend a repellent made from natural ingredients. Many use pepper, spices, herbs and rotten eggs, garlic and are effective.

One recipe that we used to recommend used 18 raw eggs mised in 5 gallons of water. Or 1-2 Tablespoos of Tabasco sauce in 1 gallon of water, mixed with a product like Wilt pruf or Vapor gard.

Homemade products raise the issue of clogging and might not be worth the problems that causes.

Of course, if deer are starving, they will eat anything. But, the commercial products can be very effective.