bugs in my houseplant potting soil

Asked May 4, 2015, 10:47 PM EDT

How do I keep bugs from breeding in my houseplant potting soil that I keep in the house in a bag. when i kept the soil in a closed container it got even more bugs. Although I do not remember the name of these small bugs, they breed in the soil of my plants and I had to use a special bacteria to kill them.

Baltimore Maryland

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Are you referring to fungus gnats? They breed in damp potting soil. The solution is to keep the soil dry in the bag. Also, keep the bag completely resealed each time you use it after you open it. That will prevent the gnats from laying eggs in the soil.

If you have gnats breeding in your pots, let the soil dry out more between waterings. You can usually let the top inch or two of soil dry out between waterings. That will kill the larvae that are in the top inch of soil and thus they will not develop into gnats.