Need advise on pesticide spray for Cherry and Apple

Asked May 4, 2015, 8:44 PM EDT

I have a cherry and one apple tree. We have not sprayed those so far, but last year, almost 80-90% fruits were spoiled by and some pests (cherry) and bugs(apple). I do not know, if spraying will help protect the fruits. What are the least harmful pesticides, and when and how much I need to spray those. If there are organic pesticides, I will also prefer advice on those too.

Benton County Oregon

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Thanks for your questions. To be able to answer them fully I need to know which pests/insects were attacking your fruit trees last year. Without being sure, a chemical recommendation is not possible. I have included a link to an OSU extension publication that talks about techniques to reduce damage because of these critters. It includes the topic of preventative spraying. If the pests attack again this year please bring in samples of the affected fruits and the insects to your county Extension Master Gardener help desk. After the culprits have been properly identified solutions to help you deal with these pests can be formulated. In general good sanitation under the trees all year long and application of a dormant spray while the trees are dormant go a long way to control many kinds of pests.