Sunpatient Problem

Asked May 4, 2015, 6:01 PM EDT

I recently planted some SunPatients. Before planting we tilled in some Mushroom Compost to the flower bed. We also mixed Mushroom Compost with Potting Soil for flower pots. We planted the sun patients and a few days later we had a lot of rain for a few days. They have been in the dirt now 3 weeks and the leaves are curling up and turning brown. What should I do or not do for them.

Jackson County Missouri

1 Response

I can't really tell if that is caused from a disease or the environment. Have you checked the roots of the plants to see what they look like? If you have had a lot of rain it's possible that maybe the plants are getting a root rot, which would cause the leaves to turn brown. Or, maybe they do have a fungal disease. You could try spraying a fungicide containing 'Chlorothalonil' (Daconil is a brand) to try to stop the spread of it. But, if it is a root rot or environmental related, fungicides will not help it. There is an extension office in Jackson county. You could take a sample directly to them to have it identified you if you would like.