Hyacinth Beean Vine

Asked May 4, 2015, 1:36 PM EDT

I was given seeds for hyacinth bean vine. It has began sprouting and I googled it to see where I should transplant it. I read that the raw beans are poisinous. I have a puppy that eats just about everything, moving or not. So, should I avoid having this in my yard? Not sure if it is poisinous to animals and humans. Thanks!

Lubbock County Texas

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It is the mature hard seeds which are poisonous, however immature pods and leaves are quite edible. I doubt a puppy would ever consume enough beans to cause a problem, however if you want to be totally sure, you will have to put the plant where a puppy would not have access to the mature seed or remove the seed prior to it hitting the ground. The beauty of the plant would make it worth the challenge.

Good luck!!