Young Crepe Myrtle had a tough winter

Asked May 3, 2015, 5:46 PM EDT

I'm a KY resident but a native Marylander and wanted a piece of home so I put a crepe myrtle in my front yard back in July. We had an extremely cold & snowy winter and I thought the tree hadn't made it because the top is dry & brittle but, as you can see, I do have some leaves at the base. Should I prune it at all or just let it be?

Scott County Kentucky

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You are not the only one! Many crape myrtles were damaged by the last couple of harsh winters. The fact that yours is sprouting shows it is still alive and can grow back from the roots. (Not everyone is so lucky, including yours truly.)
It will take time to grow back to it's previous form though.
We'd wait a bit longer to see what wood is really dead though because these plants are some of the latest to 'wake up' in the spring. Once you know, freely prune out the dead branches.