Town-Home Community Landscaping

Asked May 3, 2015, 11:38 AM EDT

Our Townhome community is approximately 20 years old and some of the shrubs and grown coverage are stating to die through out the community and need to be replaced. The Complex is located on the NW side of Houston, Texas out HWY 290. Most of the property gets direct sun for the majority of the day. We want to attract bees, butterflies and helpful insect, mosquitoes can be left off of that list, and animal friendly because we do have a small spring area adjacent to our property and the animals that reside there do come and visit. Our residents have also requested that we add color. Do you have any suggestions?

Harris County Texas landscape design horticulture

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That is a pretty wide open question so it's difficult to provide a specific answer. Some plants that do well in sun, have color and attract pollinators include various type of salvia (Salvia greggii, S. gauranitica, S. leucantha, S. Indigo Spires), yellow bells (Esperanza), EarthKind roses (such as Belinda's Dream) and red bird of paradise (Caesalpinia pulcherima). The follow web pages have some other plants by type:
If you have additional follow up questions about specific plants, please let us know.